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Tigris by the Numbers – 187k Users Strong! CollabNet Subversion Blog

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Tigris by the Numbers – 187k Users Strong! CollabNet Subversion Blog.

Extended maintenance window 2/18

CollabNet regularly performs system-wide changes to maintain and upgrade common infrastructure components such as power, network, and storage. Traditionally, CollabNet has scheduled these maintenance windows on an “as-needed” bases.  This is a message to remind you that our Q1 maintenance window is Scheduled

Start: Friday February 18th at 7:00PM

Finish: Saturday February 19th at 7:00AM Duration 12 hours

Times listed are in the US/Pacific time zone and we have our yearly maintenance windows outlined here:

Does not Include Codesion infrastructure & will affect all of our hosted instances including Tigris, Open., & Extranet.

If you have questions or feedback, please contact

Update: The CollabNet Maintenance window has been completed successfully. Your site accessibility has been restored & has been tested for login & home page access

If you have questions or feedback, please contact

Tigris.Org CVS access down

Access to CVS services on Tigris.Org is currently broken. We’re investigating. Watch here, or in Twitter (@tigrisdotorg) for updates.

Extended down time this Friday, 2/4

In order to add larger and more reliable disk storage, the regularly scheduled Tigris maintenance window will be extended this Friday (February 4), for an additional hour. The system will be unavailable for approximately 90 minutes, beginning 19:00 Pacific Time.

[Update: 7 Feb] The move to the new disk farm was completed without incident, and everything seems to be functioning normally. (If you think otherwise, let us know at feedback at tigris dot org.)

Back in service

Tigris was down for about half an hour, but is now back in service. We’re investigating the cause.

Weekly scheduled maintenance

Due to a persistent problem we have not yet been able to trace down, we have instituted a regular (weekly) system maintenance window, for every Friday evening at 17:00 Pacific time. During this time, you should assume that Tigris will be briefly unavailable (system restart).

I know this will be an inconvenience for some, particularly those who have to reschedule automated builds and similar processes. The problem, however, has been causing unscheduled restarts about every week and a half, so at least scheduling it in this way does allow you to accommodate, whereas the unscheduled outages do not.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Rest assured, we continue to pursue the underlying problem, and sincerely hope to resolve it soon.

And, the results are in!

All right, I warned you this was a trick question. The answer is: all of the above! Every one of the projects listed (and all the write-ins too, for that matter) have good basis for claiming to be the “first” project on Tigris.Org:

ArgoUML, the leading open source UML modeling tool, sits at the top of a family of dozens of component projects, translations, and extensions. The core project was started in 1998, two years before there even was a Tigris.Org! It was already established as an open source project when it moved into Tigris.

www, a write-in, is the project where the web pages of the generic Tigris.Org site are stored. It’s created automatically by the CollabNet Enterprise Edition software that powers Tigris, and so it was the first project created within the Tigris site itself.

gef is a graph editing library that can be used to construct many, high-quality graph editing applications. This project was created within Tigris in February of 2000, making it the first still-active project created within Tigris.

Although the projects above now all use Subversion, they were all originally created using CVS. This begs a new question: what about the first project created within Tigris and also in Subversion? It wasn’t Subversion itself: Subversion boot-strapped fairly early, but it was born as a CVS project. Naturally, of course: Subversion (the software) didn’t exist at the time Subversion (the project) was being created.

But there is a project whose files were first created within Subversion (the software), and in fact within Subversion (the project), then later moved out to become its own project. Since those files were created in September of 2000, arguably this qualifies

cvs2svn as the first project created within Subversion on Tigris.Org.

But finally, what’s the first project created, as itself, using Subversion (the software), on Tigris.Org? This is a bit hard to trace down, as the early versions of import didn’t always preserve all the key information, but I believe this trophy goes to

argouml-stats, which was created on Tigris.Org, as a Subversion project, in April of 2005. (There’s that ArgoUML family again!) This project serves the build/test status for the project family as a whole, an extension of the automated build facilities.

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Tigris.Org is powered, hosted, and managed by CollabNet, Inc.