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CollabNet Quarterly Maintenance

CollabNet‘s regularly scheduled quarterly maintenance period will happen this Friday, May 13. The window will last 12 hours, from 19:00 Pacific on Friday, to 07:00 Pacific on Saturday.

Extended maintenance window this Friday (May 6)

This week, we’re applying some patches and configuration changes to Tigris, to address the following problems:

  • Large bursts of mail messages sometimes fail to make it into the lists. In the case where we figured this out, an automated test framework was checking in separate tests results for thousands of test cases; the commits worked, but the blurry of email didn’t all get into the list. There may be other cases when this is happening as well (unfortunately, it was not producing log file traces to allow us to confirm this positively).
  • A Java Security Update will also be applied. So far as we can tell, none of the problems it fixes has ever happened (either by accident or with malice), but Security Patches are a sort of thing you do anyway, right?
The total down time should be less than 45 minutes. As always, it begins at 20:00 Pacific time.
Update: The maintenance is now complete. Looks like everything’s working fine.

Weekly scheduled maintenance

Due to a persistent problem we have not yet been able to trace down, we have instituted a regular (weekly) system maintenance window, for every Friday evening at 17:00 Pacific time. During this time, you should assume that Tigris will be briefly unavailable (system restart).

I know this will be an inconvenience for some, particularly those who have to reschedule automated builds and similar processes. The problem, however, has been causing unscheduled restarts about every week and a half, so at least scheduling it in this way does allow you to accommodate, whereas the unscheduled outages do not.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Rest assured, we continue to pursue the underlying problem, and sincerely hope to resolve it soon.

Tigris upgrade: Now 2 April, 8:00pm PDT

Update: Due to resource contention in the data center, the Tigris upgrade has been rescheduled one week. It will now begin on 2 April, at 8:00pm PDT.

Tigris.Org will be down for an upgrade starting 8:00pm PDT on Friday, 26 March, 2010.

Expected down time is 20 hours, due primarily to some large-scale clean-up.

Subscribe to (send email to for notice when it’s back in service.

See recent postings here for more details on what’s in store.

Tigris Stage Testing: Starting Now

Tigris.Org will be upgraded near the end of this month. This upgrade is primarily to fix a number of lingering bugs in all areas.

We now open the “stage testing” phase, which will run March 15 through March 26. During this time, a second system has been set up, running the new software, and all users are invited to help test it out. Try your favorite tricks, click your favorite clicks, and make sure things work.

Do your testing on — or

More details, and on-going progress reports, are available at the Stage Testing Plan page.

Downloads currently broken

After the maintenance performed Friday night, it appears that downloads (such as from project “Documents & files” areas) are broken throughout the site.

Update (Monday, 2/22): Downloads are working again.

Tigris Upgrade: Timeline and chance to help

The upgrade of Tigris to CollabNet Enterprise Edition 5.3 is on track and coming soon. The current schedule is:

Community testing                             10d         Tue 1/26/10      Mon 2/8/10

Production upgrade of tigris to 5.3.0          1d         Fri 2/12/10      Fri 2/12/10

So next Tuesday, we’ll be looking for your help: we’ll have a “staging” site set up, a copy of the Tigris site but with the new software. We want your help to test it out, comment on the new features, and find the new bugs.

To participate, subscribe to the “staging” list at Tigris.Org (send email to That’s where you’ll see the announcement, and connection details. That’s also where discussions about the upgrade should happen. (Note that this list is on the real Tigris.Org, even though it’s about the test site. That’s so we can continue conversations even if we manage to crash the test site.)

So, sign up now, and watch your in-box!

Update (2/2/10):

Well, is it January 26, yet?

Some problems in upgrading a large site like Tigris were discovered and corrected, but that means we have to start the set-up and staging of the site again. New schedule:

Community testing: 10 days, starting Feb 22 (through March 5)

Actual upgrade: Second week in March

January maintenance activities on Tigris

Several maintenance activities are planned for Tigris during January:

  • On January 6, at 2:00PM PST, the site will be down for about one hour, to add additional memory, which should improve performance
  • Within a week or so, a staging site will be established in preparation for a software upgrade. Project Owners and interested others will be asked to verify that their staged projects look and behave properly. Staging does not involve any downtime for Tigris itself.
  • The actual upgrade of Tigris will happen by the end of the month. This will require some downtime

Follow this blog or the announcements list at Tigris for continuing details.

Coming upgrades on Tigris

We’ll be upgrading Tigris to the latest platform version, CollabNet Enterprise Edition 5.3 ‘Indus’ next month. This upgrade fixes the last, lingering glitches of the Discussion Services upgrades. It also includes some notable performance boosts, both in web use and in Subversion access, and it relieves some barriers to growth and scalability. All in all, it’s something we’ve been wanting for quite some time.

As both preparation and a sort of down-payment, there will be a brief downtime this evening, at 18:00 PST. This down time should be about 20 minutes.

Tigris Maintenance Friday Afternoon

Tigris.Org will be down briefly, beginning at 1:00PM PDT, to install two security patches. For further details, check the announcements mail list:

Brief Tigris Downtime .

tigrisdotorg on Twitter

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Tigris.Org is powered, hosted, and managed by CollabNet, Inc.