Tigris upgrade/patch to (patch 4)

Update (11 May 2020 14:11) Tigris is back up and ready for full service. Thank you for your patience.

Update (11 May 2010 13:30) Tigris is now down. Expect it back up in an hour or so.

Tigris will be down for upgrade to CollabNet Enterprise Edition version on May 11, beginning at 13:00 PDT.

Changes in this upgrade include:

  • Fix for artf64160: spam leaking into lists
  • Fix for artf63648: The domain level CAPTCHA setting not overriding the forum level CAPTCHA setting, allowing web-posted spam
  • Fix for artf53786: Files uploaded in the docs and files section with blank space or special characters in the name were not downloading properly in IE.
  • Fix for artf54006: IZ screens for Japanese locale showed garbled characters.
  • Fix for artf54459: mass-add users to project
  • Fix for artf63424, artf63426: improve scaling of Project Tracker
  • Fix for artf52858: some Project Content Editor pages were showing HTML source instead of rendered pages. (A hot fix for this problem was already in place; this is the permanent fix.)

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Tigris.Org is powered, hosted, and managed by CollabNet, Inc.

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