New stuff at Tigris: Managing those approval queues

Now that our upgrade’s complete, what did we get?

Here’s one thing that should interest all discussion list maintainers: your Pending Approval page just got more manageable, in two ways. The heart of the matter is, if you don’t act on a moderation request within a month, then the request is deleted entirely, automatically. No more eternally-growing spam lists to paw through for the occasional legitimate post.

If you’ve been in the habit of just ignoring this page entirely, then you can stop feeling guilty (you were, right?). These silly things are no longer bloating the database and slowing performance for everyone.

If, on the other hand, you’ve been in the habit of cleaning this stuff out occasionally, or hunting through it for legitimate requests to approve, then rejoice! The list is now in control.

Are you a list moderator, and don’t know what I’m talking about? Visit your project Discussions page (the one that lists the various discussion fora), and check the left navigation bar. You should see a “Project tools” section, including a “Discussions”  link. If you’re a list moderator for any list in this project, there should be a “Pending approval” category below there. Click that.

If you don’t find these links in your left nav, the Project Owner (who, of course, may also be you) has probably customized them away. There’s a check box for that, in the “Edit project -> Tool configuration” page, or some projects have made extensive HTML customizations that completely override these links. If  checking “Project tool links” doesn’t enable these links (or, if it conflicts too heavily with your re-HTML-ization), then make a book mark or something to


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