Getting rid of that spam

If you moderate a mail list on Tigris, you may have noticed an increase in moderation requests for irrelevant junk. Here’s what you can do about that immediately, what we’re doing about it quick-as-we-can, and a little explanation in case you’re still reading by then.

What you can do

  1. Visit the “Edit discussion” page for each afflicted list.
  2. Find the “Web post CAPTCHA” section, about half way down.
  3. Change the setting from “No CAPTCHA” to “Anonymous web posts only.”
  4. [Save changes] (way at the bottom)

What’s broken

While you were changing that setting, you probably noticed a note:

This option will be overridden to “Anonymous web posts only” as “Force CAPTCHA for unregistered users” is set at the domain configuration.

Therein lies the bug: the global override isn’t happening. This was working just fine before the upgrade, implemented as a “hot fix” for the site. The “hot fix” seems to be missing, or failing, with the new upgraded site.

What we’re doing

Still working on that, but we’ll get it fixed as soon as possible. Tune in to the list, or here, for information as it happens.

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