Tigris Upgrade: Timeline and chance to help

The upgrade of Tigris to CollabNet Enterprise Edition 5.3 is on track and coming soon. The current schedule is:

Community testing                             10d         Tue 1/26/10      Mon 2/8/10

Production upgrade of tigris to 5.3.0          1d         Fri 2/12/10      Fri 2/12/10

So next Tuesday, we’ll be looking for your help: we’ll have a “staging” site set up, a copy of the Tigris site but with the new software. We want your help to test it out, comment on the new features, and find the new bugs.

To participate, subscribe to the “staging” list at Tigris.Org (send email to staging-subscribe@tigris.org). That’s where you’ll see the announcement, and connection details. That’s also where discussions about the upgrade should happen. (Note that this list is on the real Tigris.Org, even though it’s about the test site. That’s so we can continue conversations even if we manage to crash the test site.)

So, sign up now, and watch your in-box!

Update (2/2/10):

Well, is it January 26, yet?

Some problems in upgrading a large site like Tigris were discovered and corrected, but that means we have to start the set-up and staging of the site again. New schedule:

Community testing: 10 days, starting Feb 22 (through March 5)

Actual upgrade: Second week in March

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Tigris.Org is powered, hosted, and managed by CollabNet, Inc.

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