“Service Temporarily Unavailable” (status 503) from SVN

Subversion service on Tigris is currently running at reduced capacity, and may return an error 503 “Service Temporarily Unavailable.”  This is because we have throttled Subversion access, per project, a bit while we work on a memory-leakage bug just discovered.

If you encounter this problem, please wait a minute or so and retry your operation. If that’s unsuccessful, contact us, and we’ll look into raising the threshold for your project. You can do that via comments on this blog, through the Twitter account @tigrisdotorg, or via email to the feedback address at tigris.org.

The fix for the underlying problem is known, and already proven in several other production sites. We’re working on getting it installed onto Tigris as quickly as possible.

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Tigris.Org is powered, hosted, and managed by CollabNet, Inc.

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