Upgrade May 20

Tigris will be down for an upgrade-patch the evening of May 20 (Pacific time). Precise schedule details will be available shortly.

This patch continues our series of repairs and improvements in several areas, perhaps most notably in the Discussion Services:

Discussions Services:

  • Large messages no longer turned into pseudo-attachments (final fix; a partial form is already in place on Tigris)
  • Increase default maximum message size limit (to ~10MB)
  • Separate “non-logged-in web user” and “non-registered email user” (extensive Discussion configuration changes; see an upcoming post here)
  • Provide “allow future posts from this sender” during email-mediated moderation (final fix; temporary fix already in place on Tigris)
  • Allow centrally enforcd use of CAPTCHA for anonymous web posts (post about planned Tigris policies upcoming here)
  • Enforce security and spam protections on the “other recipients” field of the web-post form (final fix; temporary fix already in place on Tigris)
  • Better handling (RFC 2047) of accents and non-English characters in reply-to headers


  • Svnsync now does not choke on certain data
  • Non-expiring passwords no longer expire anyway


  • Security enhancement relating to a guest-access Denial of Service
  • Security enhancement to block server-side test


  • Performance enhancements in page loading, particularly for clients with high latency or low bandwidth
  • Project News RSS URL backwards-compatibility redirect

Project Pages:

  • Now able to invoke a Project Tracker “named saved query”
  • Project Pages: Project Tracker “Return to list view” now works
  • Now able to use a Project Tracker “saved query” containing an apostrophe

Project Tracker:

  • Mixed-field queries with null fields now work
  • API: protect against embedded invalid XML data
  • API: annotate private (non-accessible to this user) related artifacts
  • API: proper pagination of long result lists

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