Corking the Spam Fire-hose

Panthera tigris

Panthera tigris (Photo credit: rubund)

Happy Dance! Happy Dance! See me dance the Happy Dance!

Our crack IT team have just uncovered a leak through which a lot of spam was flowing. Corking … NOW!

Expected results: less spam! Yay!

Possible unintended side effects: some legitimate email may be blocked. Specifically, if some part of your mail system ignores “DNS MX records,” you could be affected. If your email to Tigris has suddenly started bouncing (time-outs, connections refused), ask your mail-server admins about “DNS MX.” Or comment here, and I’ll try to help out by private, non-Tigris email. (I’d suggest you email feedback, but if you can’t email Tigris, I guess you can’t!)

Brief unplanned outage, 05:00 10 October

There was a brief, unplanned outage of Tigris.Org this morning, around 05:00 Pacific time. The immediate cause was connection overload. We are further investigating the cause, to find ways to prevent recurrences.

Extended maintenance window, Friday, May 18

On Friday, May 18, the normal maintenance window (17:00 Pacific time) will be extended for data center maintenance until 23:00 Pacific. No extended down-time is planned, but brief delays and interruptions are possible throughout the period.

From the hosting provider:

CollabNet regularly performs system-wide changes to maintain and upgrade common infrastructure components such as power, network, and storage. This is a message to remind you that our scheduled quarterly maintenance window is coming up on Friday May 18th.

Start: Friday May 18th  at 7:00PM Pacific
Finish: Friday May 18th  at 11:00PM Pacific
Duration 4 hours

Install upgraded firewalls to handle additional capacity.

Impact to Customers
CollabNet has a redundant network architecture and as such there should  be little to no impact to customer connectivity. Customers might notice an few seconds of network latency as we failover our circuits

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  For more information about this maintenance window, or to report other unrelated issues, please contact CollabNet Support. The times listed are in the US/Pacific time zone and we have our list of all maintenance windows outlined here:

Tigris now supports Google “plusone”

Google just announced their new plusone button. When people google their way to your Tigris project, a PlusOne button allows them to tell Google that your page is the best answer to the search they used—all without leaving your site.

The core Tigris page framework has been extended to load Google’s JavaScript. All you need to do is plant your plusone button wherever you think it looks best.

Loads more documentation on all this at the Google PlusOne Button web site.

CollabNet Quarterly Maintenance

CollabNet‘s regularly scheduled quarterly maintenance period will happen this Friday, May 13. The window will last 12 hours, from 19:00 Pacific on Friday, to 07:00 Pacific on Saturday.

Extended maintenance window this Friday (May 6)

This week, we’re applying some patches and configuration changes to Tigris, to address the following problems:

  • Large bursts of mail messages sometimes fail to make it into the lists. In the case where we figured this out, an automated test framework was checking in separate tests results for thousands of test cases; the commits worked, but the blurry of email didn’t all get into the list. There may be other cases when this is happening as well (unfortunately, it was not producing log file traces to allow us to confirm this positively).
  • A Java Security Update will also be applied. So far as we can tell, none of the problems it fixes has ever happened (either by accident or with malice), but Security Patches are a sort of thing you do anyway, right?
The total down time should be less than 45 minutes. As always, it begins at 20:00 Pacific time.
Update: The maintenance is now complete. Looks like everything’s working fine.

Subversion users: your chance to help!

Mark Phippard, one of the CollabNet team of Subversion committers, has developed some benchmarks to guide the performance improvements going into the up-coming Subversion release 1.7. Over in the CollabNet blogs:

Subversion 1.7 Performance Benchmarks CollabNet Subversion Blog.

… he’s asking for help collecting baseline data, using as many current releases, platforms, and configuration variations as possible.

It’s a pretty good packaging; your only real requirement is that you need Java and Subversion installed. If you meet those qualifications, your help would help!

Check the blog (linked above) for full details.

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Tigris.Org is powered, hosted, and managed by CollabNet, Inc.